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We just got our beautiful Daniff puppy yesterday and I was looking around to find out as much information as possible on them. This site seems like it will help out a lot so I'll try to keep up with posting. [:D] Cody will be 14 weeks tomorrow and is a beautiful fawn color. I can't say much about his personality yet but I'll be sure to tell you all about it as I learn. When he arrived yesterday he was very scared of EVERYTHING and kept going into a corner to lay down. He looked very scared and depressed but I figured I'd let him get some sleep and get use to it here before I worried too much. Well after his day long nap he was ready to go! lol. He is still a little scared of certain things but it's only his second day so I understand. We're trying to get him to go to the bathroom outside but he doesn't seem to care when we tell him no after he pees on the rug. I know this is a new environment and that's why I'm not pushing him too hard but does anyone have any personal tips on how to potty train him?

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Welcome! You sound like a loving owner and I am sure Cody will adjust just fine. As for potty training tips... We recused a German Shepherd mix about 2 months ago. It only took about a week for him to be 90% potty trained. The key for us was to keep him in a crate whenever we couldn't directly watch him. When you are watching him pay close attention to his actions. I have three dogs and I have found that each one had a certain sign that they needed to potty. If he starts sniffing alot that may be a key. If he starts to potty inside say 'NO' in a loud, stern voice and scoop him up immediately and take him outside. Once outside make sure to give him lots of praise and a treat if he goes. Dogs want to please, so the key is to make sure they know 'going' outside is what makes you happy. Make sure to clean up the 'mess' with an enzymatic cleaner to remove all the smell. Once his smell is in the carpet it will be harder to keep him from wanting to go there again. Hope that helps and Good luck with Cody. I am sure it will be fun! Keep us posted on his progress.
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Hello, I also found this site on an all night web surf looking for any tidbit of information I could find on my new puppy Scrat, a chihuahua/poodle mix. Imagine my suprise to find out that not only are there tons of information and pictures, but an entire "designer" breed complete with a proper name! I had no idea that my sweet little pup was so sought after, although I certainly know why! I just love my little Chipoo Scrat and after reading about the breed traits, I feel even luckier to have come across him in the Walmart parking lot being given away to a good home,along with his brothers and sister! I am also finding house training quite a challenge, especially with the cold weather and Scrats size, (not much bigger than a dollar bill!)so I am using puppy pads and praying! Scrat is only eight weeks old, seven when I got him, and he whines and cries for hours upon hours on end if I try to put him in a kennel or box. so we are slowly making progress with the puppy pads. True to the breed information listed about him on this site, he is very intelligent and easy to train, so things are coming along much faster than I thought, especially with the "piddle"! Anyway, I hope you are enjoying Cody as much as I am Scrat...arent the simple things in life just wonderful sometimes!
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It only took us about 2 weeks to potty train Ben. We just took him outside frequently like once every hour or so., and when he went to the bathroom outside we gave him treats and praise. Then we tapered off the treats in the third week, but by then he had it down. now if for some reason he is not feeling well and needs to go out in the middle of the nite he will come into the bedroom and wake us up rather than make a mess in the house. hope this helps, Jake

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