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 Location:Pilesgrove, NJ (United States)

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Name:RudyView My Bio
Breed:AffenwichView My Gallery
Age:15 years 4 months 18 days

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Affenwich (Norwich Terrier mix)

My wife and I have an Affenwich. Father was a an AKC registered 100% Affenpincher and mother a chanpion AKC 100% Norwich Terrier. Rudy was a result of an accidental mating of these two breeds and I am sure is extremely rare. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might have a Norwich/Affenpincher mix.

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Posted: 2/8/2009 7:48:51 AM

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The Affenwich

Rudy is our Affenwich who is the result of the accidental mating of a purebred Affenpincher father and a purebred Norwich mother. The breeder that we got Rudy from raises and shows both Affenpincher and Norwich Terriers. There was an "accident" and as a result Rudy and his sister were born in a litter of only two.

We have had Norfolk Terriers and Rudy is the constant companion of Honey, our four year old Norfolk. Rudy is about 13 to 14 pounds and is about 11 to 12 inches in height. His coat resembles that of a Norwich, but is a little softer and longer. When he was a small pup he was mostly black with what looked like brown highlights. He developed a more dominant reddish coat with some black hairs. He has the prick ears of a Norwich. Unlike our Norfolk terriers, Rudy like to be very close to people and is extremely friendly and affectionate. He loves to hunt and dig for moles in the yard and chase any type of wild critter from rabbits to deer. Hates cats! He does like to bark and gets along extremely well with our female Norfolk and most all other dogs.

We think that this documented 50/50 combination of Norwich and Affenpincher breeding is extremely rare and would be interested in hearing from anyone else that has this designer breed.

Posted: 2/8/2009 9:20:56 AM by wmabey
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