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 Location:Belvidere, VT (United States)

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Our Yorkie Pin

We've always had big Dobermans and never expected to ever have a small dog. But one look at our Vito and we were sold. He is SO intelligent that it's scary.

He takes after his Yorkie Daddy more than his Pin Mom.
We call him our tall Yorkie. He has The Minpin Nose and tall legs. The rest is all Yorkie.

He loves people and other pets. Actually he IS the only dog EVER to get along with our senior female Doberman. She just turned 14 on Valentines day and never EVER let any other dog come near her like she does with Vito. They love each other after only 7 months.I could talk about our Vito forever and I will try to update here as he gets older.

Posted: 3/17/2009 8:12:25 PM by PizzaAngel
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