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 Location:Elizabeth (Australia)

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Name:BearView My Bio
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Age:17 years 15 days
Name:RoxyView My Bio
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Age:20 years 2 months 13 days
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Age:17 years 15 days

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The pitbull and pitbull-cross in Australia

Many local councils [governments] in Australia are trying to get rid of "dangerous" breeds including the pitbull. The measures include the extermination of dogs identified by councils as a pitbull or pitbull cross, a 10 fold increase on penalties applied to other breeds, desexing, banning of sales on pups, muzzling, particular warning signs on owners' properties. I reckon the situaton will only get worse. We have found the pitbull is a very loving and emotional dog that does not know it is a dog. We treat them as part of the family and they have and do, give us more than we give them.

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Posted: 4/1/2009 9:53:43 PM

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