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 Location:Grand Rapids, MI (United States)

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Name:KonaView My Bio
Breed:BeabullView My Gallery
Age:11 years 3 months 19 days

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Great Family Dog

In December I got my son a Beabull for Christmas. He wanted a dog and so did me and my boyfriend but we live in an upstairs apartment of a two unit house and were careful in the breed we picked. We didn't even know about Beabulls when we were looking into getting her and there wasn't a lot of information online-but we did it anyways. It was the best decision we could have made. Kona is the most loving and playful puppy in the world. She was easy to house train and training her in general has not been difficult. Since there is beagle in her, walking her has been very trying as she is always wanted to sniff anything she passes. In addition, she does have a little bit of seperation anxiety and if she could, would be at our side at all times, including while we sleep! Kona is just learning that she can bark and she is going to be six months old next week. At first we thought she would howl a little more than bark, but we were wrong. The one thing we had to be careful of was the winter. Being a short nose dog-being out in the cold when she was a puppy was really hard on her and she would hyperventilate a little bit. Our vet said that it was normal because of her nasal passages and of course because she was so young. We think that she will remain fairly short but will fill out. She has taken on the bulldog look in the face and in her stance but for sure has the curiosity of a beagle. She is great with my son and with other dogs-she shows submission at first encounter with dogs but holds her own and is ready to play in a minute. A beabull is a great addition to a family or even an individual. She loves to play but will also snuggle right up to you when its time to settle down. She snores something horrible but its the cutest thing!

Posted: 4/28/2009 12:11:19 PM by bethlodes
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