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 Location:Charlotte, NC (United States)

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The Doberdane

My husband and I adopted a Doberdane last June from "Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas" (which by the way is a great organization). If you are interested in a Great Dane or a Great Dane mix, go to their website...Believe it or not, they also have a lot of small dogs too....All creatures great and small...

Our Doberdane is named Trump. He was three years old when we adopted him--now almost four. His name was "Trouble" orginally but I thought that was too naming a dog "Cujo". We chose Trump because it sounded similiar.

He is a wonderful dog and at 110 lbs., not a wimp. But he is a sweetheart! I've seen lists of aggressive dog breeds on different websites that include Dobermans and Great Danes. I don't get it!!!

He has the best traits of both breeds. He is a terrific watch dog(not guard dog) and alerts us to anyone on our property. Yet, he has the "couch potato" personality of a Dane. He does pace the perimeter of the house a Dobie but is very friendly with people as long as I am OK with them.

If you want a sweet and excellent companion, then a Doberdane is the dog for You!

Posted: 4/24/2010 5:49:00 PM by DeborahTrump
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