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 Location:Fort Polk, LA (United States)

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Name:Bjorn Von WickittView My Bio
Breed:BrusselranianView My Gallery
Age:11 years 9 months 6 days

Owner Testimonials

Our little Wickitt

I got Wickitt for my mother as a Christmas gift in 2010. He is as cute as can be and loves to play, cuddle, and love. We also have three large breed dogs and Wickitt does not know he is much smaller than them. I had never heard of a Brusselranian dog before but we are all extremely happy with this breed. We got him at just six weeks old and within the first week of being in our home he had already learned that outside was the place to go potty. He is kennel trained and will stay in his small kennel all night even with the door open. If he needs to go out, he will cry until you take him. By 8.5 weeks old he knows to go to the door to go out and is learning to sit for a treat. He is curious and loves to learn new things. I will be sure to post more current updates in my blog. I would recommend this breed to those who have other pets and larger children. I think with proper supervision this breed could also thrive in a home with smaller children as well. Watch for updates as Wickitt continues to grow and mature!

Posted: 1/5/2011 7:17:01 PM by BjornVonWickitt
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