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 Location:Reno, NV (United States)

Designer Dogs

Name:BellaView My Bio
Breed:GoberianView My Gallery
Age:13 years 9 months 8 days

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My Rescuer Bella

Hi, I am Bella (Husky/Golden mix) I rescue my Mom Norma from being looney because she lost her Golden Friend named Goldie on Holloween night to Cancer. She was so lonely and needed help. She visit me at Reno SPCA. There were 9 of us in the litter. When she comes in our cage my brothers and one sister comes up to her and start nipping her finger and jumping on her legs. About me? I stayed behind and sit soo good and pretty that she notice me. This just my trick and it works because she took me home.So, any of you puppies reading this, my advice is just sit good and look pretty and you will be adopted. I know she misses Goldie but I am helping her cope with it plus Goldie spirit is with me advising me to obey all the command and training that Mom Norma teaching me. I am doing great sometimes I have accident but that's the only way you learn.

tah/tha: Bella

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Posted: 1/1/2009 1:47:02 PM

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My Bella

I rescue Bella from Reno SPCA on 11/22/08. She is only 13 weeks old. She is husky/golden mix. I lost my 1st dog on 10/31/08 to Cancer. Her name is Goldie. She is 11yrs old. While in mourning I decided to get another companion. I have a cat and he is affectionate but I miss having a dog. So with the help of Goldie, she pick Bella. There were nine in her litter (7 males and 2 females)When I visited the place where the litters are and went in, the puppies are all over me and nipping my finger plus barking at the same time. But Bella was at the corner just sitting there and watching us that's when I notice her and called her to come. Boy, she came to me and lick my hand then she goes back to the corner and sit. I picked her up and did the puppy test. She passed. The test I did is: I picked her up, put her in a submission position in my arms, press all her paw lightly, open her mouth, check her ears and she just stays still. So I took her home. She doing good in Crate training and walking. She knows sit,shake hand and speak. there will be many more training to come and with the help of Goldie's spirit we will succeed.
thanks for reading: norma/angel goldie/bella/d cat:bailey

Posted: 1/2/2009 9:04:22 AM by lapoth513
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