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 Location:Burlington, NJ (United States)

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Name:ChewbaccaView My Bio
Breed:ChiranianView My Gallery
Age:14 years 9 months 25 days
Name:WubbyView My Bio
Breed:SchnoodleView My Gallery
Age:16 years 9 months 4 days

Owner Testimonials

Wubby the Schnoodle

After owning a female schnoodle for the past 2 years, I can say that this is a breed of dog that I just cannot live without. Wub has been nothing but that most pleasant dog I have ever seen, let alone owned, and I am proud to brag about how awesome she is. My family members will actually come to my house in the middle of the day, while I am at work, kidnap her, and leave notes saying "Got Wub, will bring back to you tomorrow!" She has been a great family pet, being both affectionate yet gentle with both my grandparents, and my cousin's 1 year old infant. She is a constant companion, exceedingly obedient, continues to be willing to learn new tricks and rules, and gets along very well with other dogs and people. I walk her off leash often, as she always listens to my commands, and loves to be able to run in the woods and in large fields or graveyards. All in all, the best dog one could ask for, with her intelligence far beyond that of any other dog I know, and her willingness to be obedient and attentive when I need her to be. She loves to cuddle and be a lap dog, but will get outdoors and run around and play as much as you could hope for. Highly recommended breed.

Posted: 1/22/2009 7:30:25 AM by ChewieSchnoo
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