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Doggie Update

by sands904 on 2/13/2010 at 6:28 PM in Progress

It's been a few days since I have written and today was a busy day. Lance had his first Agility class which didn't go so well. Lance is a somewhat fearful dog who can be reactive (barking and lunging) when he gets too close to other dogs. He is getting much better around other dogs and even walked the other day for an hour next to one and wanted to play with him. He is also afraid of some noises and environments. When we got to the training room he was okay but a bit unsure of things. He had to go outside to go potty and did not want to come back in. I finally walked him back around to the front door and coaxed him back inside. There is a large, noisy overhead heater that he does not like at all. When he came on he was shaking and would not listen at all. He went through the tunnel a few times and we left the class early but will be back next week to try it again and see what kind of progress he makes.

On a more positive note Logan did GREAT on his hike with four other dogs today! This is two weeks in a row he has let out a few barks at the beginning but no barking or lunging and he walked very nicely right next to all the dogs.

Lacey however did not do so well in play group. She was a bit more clingy to me than she has been in the past few weeks but there were a couple of new dogs there and one she doesn't care for much.

Oh well, they are all doing better everyday and are resting right now :)
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Two Week Update

by hcwjackson on 12/11/2009 at 5:08 PM in Progress

Well it has been two weeks since Sammy has been with us. We just love her. Her ears have since stood up and are pointing now. She hasn't grown much in size in the past two weeks though. Not sure if she will being that she is part chihauhau. She still sleeps a lot but diffenetly likes to play. Sammy hates beeing alone. She is starting to fit in just fine though. Hope to hear from other chipin owners.

Cristy and Sammy
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