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New Year's Eve travel

by sandywitch on 1/1/2011 at 11:36 AM in A Day in the life of Fraggle

We were invited to my sister-in-laws for dinner and took Pookey along. Hubby bought him a new Pet Taxi for the trip. He never made a single sound all the way there or back (2 hours one way), nor did he have any accidents! The only time his manners slipped was when Sharon let her two little dogs loose in the house. Then Pookey LOST it! They had a "bark off". He's not used to other dogs since his idol, Hunter, died. He also emulates how Hunter used to make "viscious dog" sounds when he played, so making friends is a bit touchy. So I didn't let him out of the Pet Taxi while the other two dogs were loose.
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Time has passed.

by sandywitch on 12/9/2010 at 11:34 AM in Our Blog

Pookey's bestest friend and idle, Hunter, a GSP/lab mix, passed away. Pookey misses him terribly, as does the rest of the family. After my daughter's cat passed, another kitten found her. Pookey attacks QT at every chance. He pounces on top of him and makes growling noises, but no cries from the cat. When QT fianlly gets away, he's wet all over from puppy kisses!
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