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Our 5 Month Old German Shepherd Mix

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My husband and I adopted a German Shepherd mix [url=/Dogs/Bio.aspx?Dog=339]Lance[/url] from our local shelter about 2.5 months ago. We are not sure what he is mixed with but have had some comments that it may be a collie. (More opinions welcome :). We have been feeding him large breed food as our vet instructed. He is about 35lbs now but hasn't appeared to be growing as fast lately. I am curious about how big he may get and if we should continue with the large breed food. We have to take him in to get weighed again next month to get the right heartworm meds for him, so I can check with the vet then. I am just wondering what others think in the meantime. Thanks!!


if i were you i would feed the dog medium breed dog food untill you find out for sure but i only have little dogs though sooooo here is a pic of one of my little dogs and obviously he is muuuuch smaller than most dogs

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