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Rocky is hurt

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[:(] Today I was cleaning the house, so like normal Rocky is in the laundry room with the gate up so he can't get into trouble or make more of a mess behind me while I am cleaning. Well in the laundry room I had to add a piece of heavy wood in front of the cube style shelf we have in the room because he would climb up it and grab stuff out. Well I guess I didn't puppy proof it well. Because he some how ended up knocking it over onto his poor little leg. I never heard a dog yelp & cry like he did. I freaked out calling my boyfriend @ work to come home asap because I needed to take Rocky to the vet. I was crying and telling him I think he broke his leg and it's all my fault! He was not putting any weight on it and if he did he was dragging & limping. I scooped him up and wrapped him in a blanket to keep him from possibly causing more damage. We get to the vet and she checks him out...he begins to cry & yelp again when she touches the back part of his leg so she suggested Xrays & sedation. So she started to tell me prices etc....I was like I don't care whatever it takes he's my baby & he already had a rough start now this! His Xrays looked good...she wasn't able to see any breaks or fractures...She just thinks he really bruised himself up good. He will sometimes put the bare min. of weight needed to get by, but when eating he holds his leg up...sometimes he still hops on 3 legs not even using the 4th. I know he's still just a puppy, but he's a hyper far we have been able to keep him somewhat calm...the sedation drugs are still in him, but how am I going to keep him calm for an entire day? (or few days actually so he can rest) Or should I just let him do his own thing? I don't want to keep him in the crate all day. His vet also gave me some pain med to give him every morning said no jumping off the couch etc...

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I am so sorry to hear about what happened to Rocky. It sounds like he is having a rough beginning to life. Don't be too hard on yourself, unfortunately accidents happen. Both of you will learn and grow from this unfortunate accident. I am glad to hear nothing is broke at least. As far as keeping him still during healing...our little Lacey had to have surgery last year for a luxating patella and we had to keep her still (no jumping, stairs, running) for 12 weeks. It was by far the most difficult thing to do. We bought a baby gate enclosure. One of those free standing ones with several panels you can form into different shapes. We put that in our living room by my chair with a big fluffy blanket so she could be close to us. We used this for the first couple of weeks. Then we put her on a leash so she could walk around the house with me but limit her activity. That might be a good way to not have to put him in his crate and still limit his activity and keep an eye on him. Good luck with him and I hope he gets better quickly. He sounds like a fun little guy [:)]

[:)] Thank you. I have a gate system just like this so I will be using it. As for Rocky he's a fighter. (That's why we gave him a tough name LOL) He still shows signs that he does not want to put weight on it still, but is not complaining about any pain. He's a happy little pup other than him hobbling around. When I see him get up to do his business I will pick him up & carry him the rest of the way. Should I be doing this or just let him do what he feels comfortable with? I don't know if puppys or at least him will know his limits of when to stop walking if it is bothering him. But I would assume he would...IDK I will be watching him today.
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I am glad to hear he is doing as good as can be expected under the circumstances. I would say maybe for a day or two you can carry him if he looks like he is in pain and then gradually let him walk a little more each day. Rocky does sound like a fighter [8D]. I wish him and you the best of luck!

We had a somewhat similar adventure with Schatzi Smith. I called him and he did not come, I found him and he was eating manure from a female dog that had been in the yard. I went berserk. I called my husband in and he washed his mouth out and brushed his teeth. Schatzi felt really bad all day, couldn't get hold of the vet, on the weekend. He threw up, and it seemed like he was having chills. I called the Emergency Animal Clinic and they told me to bring him in, we got him ready to go to Jackson (about 20 miles away), he was listless and felt really bad. We got there, was told it would be 70.00 to see him plus any treatment. I was the same as you, whatever it took. They called us into this little examining room, he didn't have a temperature, he just kind of stood there. The young man went out and then the vet came in, she was a cute blonde, he made the fastest recover you have ever seen, he jumped into her arms (all 16 pounds of him), started kissing and loving her like you wouldn't believe. Well, she pronounced him well and we brought him home, minus the 70.00 it cost. It was worth it but he sure had us fooled. Our vet got a big laugh out of it..........we got him neutered the next week. No more female dog problems.

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