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Hi I am new here

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Just join this site. My name is Norma Broyles and my new puppy Bella (Goberian). Bella rescue me from looney town because I lost my first dog name Goldie a pure golden retriever to cancer. Goldie is 11yrs old. I was soo sad and depressed but when I saw Bella's picture on Reno SPCA website, it just click and with the advice of Goldie its time to get another companion. This will be the 1st Chrismass and New Year without Goldie it sad but at the same time I am happy because Bella is with me. I still love Goldie and she will be in my heart forever, so as Bella.

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Welcome! I am very sorry to hear about your recent loss but glad to hear you have a new friend to ease some of the pain. I can't wait to hear more about you and Bella.

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