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Discussions > General Topics > General Discussions > Why a Poodle Mix?

Why a Poodle Mix?

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Well, I thought I'd be neat to see why everyone decided on getting their poodle mixes.... Why did you chose to get a Poodle Mix? *While traveling in Arizona and New Mexico with my husband, we'd always visit the local pet stores and see the puppies. I noticed the cutest pup, it was silver and tan with a wirey coat. It turned out to be a JRT x Poodle. I held her and she was the softest and sweetest pup, we agreed that if her price dropped to a reasonable price then we'd buy her. So, I went back each Saturday to see her, until on day she was sold. I was heartbroke, so my hubby said that if we were to find a reasonably priced Jack-a-Poo pup in our area, then he'd get it for me. Turned out, as soon as we came back home to Virginia, we found a litter about 20 minutes away!!! We called, then visited, and picked Teddy out. We picked him up at 3 months old!*

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We got our first one because I really wanted a dog and I hate dog hair all over my house. So I did some research and found that Poodle Mixes generally don't shed much. So, I knew I wanted a Poodle Mix of some kind. I found this breeder that had a booth at our local Flee Market so my husband and I decided to go there one weekend. The breeder I found online had shihpoos for sale. I looked at them and they were cute, BUT then I found another breeder in the booth next to that one and they had 3 little chipoos, 2 boys and 1 girl. They were the most adorable looking puppies I had ever seen. I told my husband I wanted the one on the right, not knowing if it was a boy or a girl. We walked around a little longer discussing it and I begged him to go back and get one. We bought the one on the right. It turned out to be the girl. We took her home and played with her. We soon found out that here favorite thing to play with was shoe laces, hence the name Lacey. We have had here over a year now and she is the best dog ever. She has quite a personality though. Her new favorite thing is to slap you when your alarm goes off to tell you it is time to get up. It's very cute. Anyway, we got our second chipoo about 6 weeks after we got Lacey because she just seemed like she needed a friend. It's a good thing we did they are now best buddies and love to chase each other all around the house. If you are looking for a dog I would definitely recommend a Poodle Mix.

They are just so darn cute!!! Need I say more?[:D]
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Well, I the first ones I owned were chipoos, (1/2 chi and 1/2 toy poodle), they didn't shed at all. One had more looks of a chi and the other, a poodle, they both had beautiful temperment, though very different. In just my own opinion, chi's and chipoos are very intune with what's happening around them. Everything affects them like it affects us. They pretty much just stole my heart and I've had the same kind ever since....Hope you enjoy yours!!!
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I have always loved the Poodles and then got a Maltese from a coworker who could not keep him and now we have 2 beautiful female Maltipoos. They are just the most cutest and loving friends I have ever had. They love to be held and sit on my lap and to watch them play is a joy in itself. I am a widow and live alone and they are my constant companions, what a precious breed.

well me and my family really wanted a non shedding dog. we decided some were really cute but shedded we searched untill we found moxie, a papion poodle mix. He was so cute we got him on spot and we didnt regret it.

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