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Discussions > Food & Nutrition > Food > Borador vs. CARROTS

Borador vs. CARROTS

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I've been working on training my borador puppy, and of all the conventional treats to reward him, the one that keeps his attention the strongest is carrots. Raw, peeled, big carrots. I cut them into smaller pieces or keep one huge chunk in my hand, and once we've completed a command, i give him a piece or let him chomp on the chunk I have. I don't think theres anything wrong with it, but I'd like to put it out there, if anyone knows. Thanks!

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I don't think there is anything wrong with feeding or treating a dog with carrots. I give all three of my dogs carrots occassionally because they love them as well. I have read several types of dog food and treats that have carrots listed as an ingredient. Hope that helps!
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I know of many dogs that love carrots and of course they are healthy and raw must be good for their teeth. I just wish I could find a suitable treat for my pappichon. Carrots,cheese,pet choc drops,chewys,dog biscuits and he is not fussed about any of them! So I train him with big cuddles.He does love to pinch my bras but I'm not quite up to flashing them around at the agility park!!
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My dog kept nicking carrots that were sticking out of my bunny, Hugos cage. I mentioned it to the vets and they said it was a great low calorie treat for dogs, often better than the manufactured treats that are out there.
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Carrots are a great low calorie treat for dogs - especially for little guys - and a TERRIFIC treat if doggie has liver challenges[:(] - we use them regularly - One thing to keep in mind if there are liver challenges is to steam them first - liver dogs have a problem with them if they are raw!
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Mine loves all veggies except lettuce, actually she likes the centre of romane lettuce. I've actually caught her picking the yellow beans right out of the veggie garden last summer!! The only thing I don't give her are grapes, onions and Garlic because I heard that they were toxic for dogs. Only thing is, I'm sure she'd eat those too if I gave them to her.

My little Bichon/Poodle mix just loves carrots. When I feed the cats, the doggie gets a baby carrot and she is thrilled. My husband has slices of raw carrots at his plate as he has her spoiled for treats from his plate. (He had a stroke several years ago and just loves to treat his baby girl). She never whines or barks but just lays quietly at his side watching him. I cut a baby carrot into several slices and he gives them to her instead of people food from his plate. She doesn't know the difference and it's good for them both. Our pets are good therapy for him. And probably for me too!
Contact Me shows a long page of toxic items to dogs. My vet says that you have to give extremely large doses of garlic for it to be toxic and in small doses can even be beneficial. I make dog treats from beef liver, corn meal and garlic. I showed him the recipe and he said it was healthy. I am going to try giving Sophie a carrot and see what she thinks. [:D]
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All 3 of my dogs LOVE baby carrots!!! I'd rather give them something healthy to snack on instead of a generic store bought dog treat. They seem to work wonders on there teeth 2!
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My dog has food allergies but she is fine with carrots, apple, banana and snow peas. I will use these sometimes for treats. I have read numerous articles about not giving grapes, raisisns and onion to your dog as they are toxic. My dog only gets food I make for her or food that I purchase from my Vet. I actually use her food as treats most the time and she does not mind, she still gets excited when she is getting a treat even if it is really just the regular food I feed her. When I say treat and give it to her with my hand she is totally satisfied. I know for sure my dog is allergic to beef and all types of liver, I also know that pork is not a good choice for my dog so she get lots of chicken, duck and lamb.

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