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Discussions > Training > Behavior > cry when T V commercials sing certain songs

cry when T V commercials sing certain songs

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Has anyone out there ever heard of a Dog crying when certain commercials sing certain songs? There are about 5 different commercials we have to mute because Sugar cries when they play on TV. Is it because of a memory that happened to her before we rescued her? Is it because it is hurting her ears? Also I woulsd like to know why she sometimes rolls in her own poop in the back yard? I have bathed her twice this week because of this. Thanks, Sugar's Mom


as for the tv thing it probably sounds like a dog to her but 4 rolling in poop i dont know about that

My dog and I both cry when the Kardashians come on TV. 
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Interesting questions you have posted. I would like to see some of the responses. I know my dog watches or at least seems to watch TV but I have never seen her cry. She does respond with different sounds to the TV. My know dogs will roll in different things that are smelly but why they do I have no idea I am just thankful my dog does not have these behaviors.
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rolling around in unknown sents (to us at least) is a predators way of "masking" their own sent. This is helpful when hunting because preditors put off a distinct smell and animals that are usually hunted can smell when they are aproaching. That is why they roll around usually throwing their neck/shoulder into whatever is on the ground (where their scent glands are) my dogs wont roll around in poo but they do roll around in certain spots of the grass. i even used to have a min pin that would roll in dead rabbits on the side of the road. ew.
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Hi Corky! Were have you been? I enjoyed reading your post. How are things going?

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