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Discussions > Diet & Exercise > Exercise > hot pavement and sore feet

hot pavement and sore feet

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I hate to put my dog in shoes in the summer but I worry about his feet getting to hot when we walk and there is no sidewalk or soft grass for him to walk on. I have resorted to putting him in a wagon and pulling him along when we can't walk in the shade. Any other suggestions when we are on rough or hot terrain.

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if you do not want to put shoes on your dog (which most dogs dont tollerate) PetSmart sells dog socks that are very light and shouldnt bother your dog too much and you can easily wash them if they get dirty :D
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Wow! I never thought about hot pavement  and my dog's feet. I guess I am going to have to be very thankful that we only walk and run on grass or sand so this is not a problem for us. Do you not have any parks or special places for dogs to play close by to were you live? I am sure it must be hard on you as well as your dog always walking on very hard surfaces.

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