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Now thqt the sun is out I often worry about Fugly getting sunburned. I use baby sunscreen on him but I wonder if there is something better out there for him. I often think that a line of sunscreen and bug repelents for dogs would sell rather well.

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So doesn't the sunscreen make him greasy? My little guy has no undercoat, and he's very fair [he's Irish like me [^] ] I worry about him in the sun especially if he's been clipped. Last summer he was just a few months old and he was VERY fuzzy - I don't want him hot but I don't want him burned so I' don't know what to do. He has glasses and I guess I can put a shirt on him - but.......[V]
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I use a very light coat of baby sunscreen on him and my Schnauzer when he is clipped. I have not had a problem with him being greasy if I use a baby sunscreen. I really like coppertone baby or coppertone kids. You have to rub it in really good and he may try to lick it off but I usually put a shirt on in the really bright sun in addition to the sunscreen.

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