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Indoor potty training/ outdoor potty training

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Hi I have a Chinese Boston Tsu named Fugly. He is hairless and we live in Michigan so he has been trained to potty on a puppy pad in the winter but he goes outside in the summer. Will this confuse him? Does anyone else have this problem with a small dog that can't go out in the snow?

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We also have two small dogs that are indoor trained using a WizDog (great product). They go on the potty when we are inside or not home but when we take let them out to play or go for walks they will go potty outside. It took a little coaxing for our male to be sure it was okay to pee outside, but now they will do either without any confusion and (knock on wood) we haven't had any accidents in the house for a long time. Good Luck!
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Thank you for your response and I will look for the [i]WizDog[/i].[:)]

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