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Separation Anxiety

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We have three dogs, Lacey and Logan are 3 year old Chipoos and Lance our newest addition a 9 month old German Shepherd mix. We got Lacey first when she was 11 weeks old and Logan 5 weeks later, he was 10 weeks old. They have been together ever since. Logan seems to be very protective of Lacey. If we are out of the house with both of them either on walks, at the store and now at the park and she gets out of his site he gets very anxious, whines and pulls on the leash trying to find her. We can take them places alone but of course it would be great to take them together as well. I am hoping with some more time apart and work we can eventually achieve this. If anyone has a similar problem or ideas on how to help that would be great...


i have 2 dogs and when we bring them around others they are very protective you should hold one back while the other is around another dog and let them watch that they arent going to hurt eachother. hope it helps!

I agree with bman, I also have 2 dogs....I hold izzi she is the really excited exuberant one who will startle another dog or person with her excitement. zsa zsa is calmer and has a more calm approach to anything....this lets me know how what the temperature of the situation is going to be....then I monitor izzi for a few minutes....she is always the one who will be the immediate friend, while zsazsa watches them play....and that is the way zsa wants it.

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