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whats the difference?

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[?]Can anyone tell me if my dog is an outside or inside breed? He is a 6 monthold sharpoo, and weighs already 40 pounds! I've been told he is an inside dog, is this true?

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I don't believe there really is any hard and fast rule on what makes a dog an inside or outside dog. All dogs truely need love and companionship and will do best if allowed to be inside with the family or provided with pleanty of love and attention outside. They all need proper food, water and shelter especially in extreme conditions. Some breeds just can't tolerate warm temperatures while other can't survive the extreme cold. Whether your dog is kept inside our outside is really a decision for you and what is best for your dog. I would have to recommend him being an inside dog as Poodles are very good companions who love attention and are very intelligent and need mental stimulation to keep from getting bored. I have a 55lb+ German Shepherd mix who just turned a year old. He is an inside dog in that he sleeps inside and spends lots of his day inside unless it is not too hot outside then he loves to just lay out in the yard and watch the world go by but I always let him back inside when he comes to the door. Hope this helps a little and good luck with your decision.
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I have to agree completly. It all comes down to what is best for you and your dog. We have had big dogs and little dogs and all have been and will be inside dogs. It is all about makeing sure that you dog gets enough exercise and training to behave inside. A shedder will need more grooming if inside and a thin coated dog will need more protection if outside but there are people here in Mi that have small little 10-15 lb dogs that stay outside all the time even in winter. They are provided with a quality shelter and a heated place to stay in the bitter cold. So what ever works for you is what is right even if others don't agree. My sister has a 70 lb dog that would not last one hour outside in the winter and she thinks she is a little lap dog if that helps you to decide.[:D]

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