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Seperation Anxieties.

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I never thought I would be upset enough about being loved to ask for suggestions, but here i am. Sophie, my 6.5 month old Chipoo is so attached to me that she cries herself hoarse if I am home and won't let her come out to be with me. If my husband or anyone tries holding her she will wiggle out of their arms and when they put her down, she will make a mad run to me and jump up on me. She has to be in the same room as I am at all times. When I feed her and leave the room, she will follow me and cry. After a few times I realized she was hungry and wanted me to go back to the kitchen, I do and she hurries and eats, the whole time stopping after a few bites to make sure that I am still there! When I am in the bathroom, I have to leave the door cracked or else she sits outside crying and barking. When we go for a walk, I don't even have to leash her because she refuses to leave my side. We live out in the middle of no where and I am trying to encourage her to explore a little ( I would like to take pictures of her chasing butterflies or something) but she won't get a foot away from me. When I let the little ones out in the mornings to potty, she will run out immediatly with Uncle Roody, but then stops at the steps of the porch and runs back to the door and waits for me. I have tried to just ignore her, but she is relentless and can last for hours. My husband has tried taking her outside on her leash or to just carry her out and let her walk, but she starts shaking and refuses to move. When she is with me, she bounces and runs around my feet and you can tell she is exhilerated to be out and about. She is left alone with Uncle Roody all day while I am at work, and she is fine with this because she is a home body and loves to be at home. When I get home in the evenings, she jumps and cries and when I pick her up, she has to kiss me and love on me (sometimes a little over-excitedly, if that's a word)and refuses to let me put her down for a good 10-15 minutes. HELP, I am afraid if I ever have to leave her for any reason, she will get sick. Anyone have any ideas.

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We have some similar issues with our Chipoo Lacey although not as bad from the sounds of it. She is usually okay when I leave although sometimes I can hear her crying and jumping after I walk out the door. She is especially bad if I leave and take one of the other dogs and leave her home, but I suspect this is just like kids she just wants to go too! She will sometimes follow me around the house but sometimes not. I have read a little on separation anxiety and it can be a very hard thing to fix. I would suggest starting by having her accept your husband more and then progress to working on leaving her alone. Do you do all of the training and feeding, etc? If you do have him start feeding her, training her, letting her outsite, etc. She will start to see him as a source of good things and begin bonding with him more. You could also start working on her response when you leave the room (ex: going into the bathroom). I have heard that using a Kong filled with peanutbutter (which most dogs love; however our little Lacey does not :() can be a good help. Start by getting her used to it. Give it to her for a few seconds and then take it away. If she really likes it try it again. Gradually work to giving it to her and taking a few steps away from her. If she continues being interested in the Kong, gradually work up to farther and farther distances away from her (staying in the same room for now so she can still see you). If this goes well try giving it to her and stepping into the bathroom. Continue with this by moving the door ever so slightly and keep working until you can close the door for only a second and then open it back up. If at this point she is not whining or crying gradually increase the time you are in the bathroom with the door closed, etc. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more to have her completely comfortable with you leaving without her but since she is young you may have pretty good results. I hope this helps and would love to hear about her progress...Best of Luck!
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Thank you, I will try. I like the suggestions to let her daddy become more of a caregiver to her. I would like to see a tighter bond there and so would he. I do have to ask though, what is a Kong?
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You are welcome. I hope it helps! Having him become the main source of food and treats at least for a while should help her bond with him more. A Kong is a rubber toy for dogs that has a hallow center where you can put food, treats, peanut butter, etc. They are basically made to keep a dog busy. Here is a link to some of them on PetSmart's website: [url][/url]
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Welcome to the club, i thought i was the only one that had that problem, I have a 180 pound Rottiweiler and a 200 pound English Mastiff doing the same thing to me, The only different is they run to see who can get to me first and get all the love But i am starting to get my husband,to do more things with them, like take them places,feed and take them out more then me, and it seem like its beginning to work a little. But i know as soon as he get ready to go back to Iraq its going to start all over again..

Have you tried getting her a friend? [:D] I were having problems with my Lab/GSD mix probably because I have spoiled him to much! He would whine for hours after I left for work and when I would get home he was anxious, jumping, barking crying, all of it! I was pretty worried about him so we discusses getting another dog and it is working great! He is very attentive and keeps his eye on her. I think it works best when the new one is a puppy of the same breed or size and definatly of the opposite sex.[;)] She follows him around and keeps him busy and now when I come home he runs up sits, gets a pet and is off again. We have only had her a few short days!! Seperation anxiety can take weeks or months to cure and really it's caused by dogs having a need to be part of a pack. Getting a new addition may also help warm her up to your husband because when he is with the new puppy your dog will want to same attention![:0] They will be best of friends in a few weeks and it will take a lot of pressure of you. I hope it will work for you as it did for us if you consider and are able to get a second dog. [:)][:D]

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