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Picture Gallary

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I just have to say that this morning looking through the picture gallery, I came to a mighty realization. The people who belong to this site have the most extrodianry, beautiful, radiant, ravishing,splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, bewitching, captivating, charming, comely, enchanting, engaging and enthralling group of dogs that I have ever seen. What a bunch of lucky people we are.[:)][:D][:)][:D]

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I have to say that I agree. We are definately the luckiest people on the earth. [:D]
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I agree my mixed Neo-mastiff is the best dog I've owned next to my mixed Chow. . Their personalities are the best.
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Wow you sure have a great handle on descriptive words. I sure agree all the pictures in the gallery are truly wonderful with each dog being unique and a complete individual.
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they are truely fantastic. although there is only one other pinneranian owner besides myself, but a few days ago one came into my work!!!! she had no idea that her new 8 week old puppy was a desinger and i had told her to come to this website. i dont see her dog posted yet so maybe she doesnt remember the site. hopefully she will be back into grooming when her dog gets its shots and i can write it down for her. :D
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Way to go the more people we can get involved and active on this site all the better.

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