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Greeting Behavior

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I have a 3 yr old Beabull, 1/2 beagle, 1/2 english bulldog. Gracie is the most loveable dog, LOVES everyone, which I think is part of the issue. Whenever someone comes into the house, she is so.... excited to see them that she goes nuts.. Jumps, cries, and then starts racing around the house, catapulting off walls and furniture. Have tried to break her of this and nothing seems to work...any suggestions?

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I would suggest that whenever someone comes over you all completly ignore her until she is sitting quietly and then lots of praise and treats as long as she is sitting quietly. Make sure you use a extra special treat that she only gets when you have guests. You may need a willing partner to practice this with. Have them knock on the door or whatever they normally do and repeat it a few times. Before you do this though make sure Grace has had plenty of exercise. Good Luck
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Great suggestion sycadoog. When my girl was a very young puppy she would run to the door and bark and jump on who came in. The door bell, a knocking or even a similar sound on the TV would set her off running to the door. We taught our girl she has a spot she has to go to and wait until given permission to go and say hello nicely. No barking or jumping and if she did she was totally ignored. The extra special treat reward also help her to learn this skill quickly. We explained to our friends it may take us a little longer to answer the door but we were in training with our girl when it came to answering the door. We also asked them all to help us out by not talking with her when they came in. Being consistent was the most important part of the whole training exercise but it is well worth the time.
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i have a puppy play pen that i put my dogs into when i am expecting guests. once they are mellow and are used to the people being around i let them out and they usually just go about their buisness or slowly say hi. it works great. also lots of praise and treats when she behaves :D you can also try it with a kennel. put her in their when the guests come and once she stops crying let her out and praise her.
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Sam556 how is it going with your puppy's greeting?

Yes, I also think guests ignoring your dog can really help. We completely ignore our  Borador (Border Collie lab mix) puppy when we enter or leave the house. This prevents the excitability when arriving and separation anxiety when leaving. Works like a charm and our dog is better adjusted.

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