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Discussions > Training > Behavior > How do i get my Mastidane to come back when called if off the leash?

How do i get my Mastidane to come back when called if off the leash?

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I have a 1 yr old Mastidane and if any of you own one you know how crazy their personality is, just the smallest thing will catch his attention and he will go running after it, even worse because we dont let him out of the gate without a leash if he ever get a chance he takes off not far but like he thinks it's a game and will run all around our street with us chaseing him,. i thought maybe it is because we dont have him fixed but i think it's just the hyper personality bove all else because he really doesnt go far id like to know how to begin training him to listen while off the leash so i can let him run down at the river or the dog beach another small issue is i never know how he or other dogs are going to react to him if another dog snaps at him he snaps back but he is a very large breed how can i stop the slightly agressive behvior so i can lower my anxiety about having him out in public?

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PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! All kidding aside you do have to practice. You have to start with basic behaviors (sit, down, stay, leave it, etc) in the house in a low discraction environment and then gradually build the distraction. After he is doing GREAT in the house move outside to your yard (in a fenced in area or on leash to start). Once he is good with that get a long line (ie: 15, 25 or 50 leash) and practice on that. If and only if he does good on a long line should you let him off leash and then only if your laws allow. Read the story about Lance getting out: [url][/url] He is not ignoring you to spite you or to 'show dominance' he is ignoring you because quite frankly you are not as fun as running and playing and sniffing, etc. Just like a kid who is out playing with their friends and doesn't want to come home when they are suppossed to. You have to practice and make coming to you much more rewarding than anything else outside, which is hard, but doable. Unfortunately, if another dog snaps at him first a normal reaction from a dog is to snap back. Typically, this does no harm and is just a warning sign to the other dog 'hey I don't like that' but if he is displaying reactivity or aggression to other dog first you should work on that before ever allowing him off leash with strange dogs.
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step 1) keep your dog on a long line. A long length of rope or a horse lunge line. You need to teach him recall and since he has no canine manners with other dogs he will need to be properly socialised. Have his meals in your pocket, call him under low distraction, say in your yard, and feed him every time he returns. Never chastise your dog, he has to think returning is a great thing. Gradually add more and more distraction to the situation, always reward heavily for returning. If he absolutely wont listen a check chain and a proper correction when he absolutely ignores you is warranted.
step 2) find yourself a good, decent dog training school open to all methods. You have a strong, entire and stubborn dog. Mastiffs and danes are not pushovers. If you do not train them properly they will run all over you as you are finding. His hyperactivity will be linked to his lack of training as well since he will be stuck in a baby puppy frame of mind.
By the way desexing is NOT the magic bullet to fixing behaviours. Training and consistency is. There is a lot of free stuff on
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Yes Mali_nut makes allot of sense. We took our dog to Dog School and they taught us Radical Recall. It involved allot of practice of the skills they taught but now when we call our dog or give her a hand signal to come she comes on the first call every time no matter what distraction there is. Something else they taught us also was how to teach our dog to calm down. This is very important when you have a high energy dog. We have lots of outlets for our dog to use up her energy but when we need her to settle and calm down on request she does. I know going to training does cost money but it is well worth the money because many of the skills taught to the owner in training a dog can be used to teach other skills to your dog.
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Have not heard back from you. How is the training go? I know it is slow going but I am sure you are making so gains?


Excellent suggestions. Also never scold your dog when he/she runs off and finally returns to you. Praise them and give them a treat for returning even if you are frustrated with them running off.
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Wow nice to see some activity. I sure would like to know how the training is going. Radical Recall in all dogs is so very important.

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