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I am aware that the look of a dog can not be guaranteed when breeding designer pups.  But, does the breed of the female matter in as far as dominating breed appearance?  Or does the the breed of the male dominate?  

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As far as I know the marking of the male or female are no guarantee of what the pups will look like. You can get pups that have colors from previous generations that are not visible in the mother or father. If you are planning on breeding I would do much more research and get both dogs throughly health screened. Color and appearance are much less important then health and behavior in a breeding pair, especially mixed one. Best of luck!
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Yes I understand, thank you.  But I'm not interested in markings.  I mean overall appearance.
Male Lab & Female Poodle make a dog that looks a certain way right?  If it's a Male Poodle & Female Lab instead, would the overall appearance of the offspring be similar or a little different?
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It's realy all up to luck, you never know what you will get. using either method the result of the litter will be the same, a complete surprise! also no two pups from a litter will be the same, some may come out more poodle while others may resemble more of a lab.
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for some reason labradoodles always seem to come out looking the same way while other designers do not. i dont know if its just in the genetics of those two breeds that help keep it that way but it doesnt always work that way with other dogs. its all about genetics has nothing to do with which dog is male and which dog is female in the breeding process. also for it to be a "true" designer you have to take 2 purebred dogs and mix them together, once you breed the offspring of that mix it is no longer a 1st generation, which is what most people want. also if you are interested in breeding it is a VERY expensive hobby if done correctly. you have to have a whelping box with a heat lamp and you have to make sure it is set to a certain temperature throughout the first few weeks. you also have to get the female checked so you know how many puppies to expect....if you dont know how many to expect you will never know if one is dead inside or if something has gone wrong. also once the pups are born you have to take your female in for a shot to clear her uterus to avoid infection. also if the mother rejects the puppies you ahve to be prepared to bottle feed EVERY puppy EVERY 2 hours. if a puppy comes out not breathing are prepared with what to do for the dog? helping the female tear away the placenta so she doesnt accidentally eat a puppy? if a dog comes out the wrong way do you know what to do? there is TONS of stuff that people dont know about breeding but they usually just throw 2 dogs together and let nature take its course and try and make money off of them when in all reality show dog breeders dont make anything off their dogs. it is just a hobby in trying to perfect the breed and get show pups out of it in hopes of winning.
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My designer dog came out just the way we expected but she is a 3rd generation Cock-A-Mo and we know and have records of all of her breeding history and have met most of the dogs in her history. Even with that you still do not have a total guarantee of their appearance because all of a sudden a recessive gene that both the male and female have could show up.

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