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Puppy Mills

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Many designer dogs are from puppy mills. That is where they are tortured and the female dogs are constantly forced to breed and produce puppies. The dogs live in horrible conditions, often without food and water or adequate shelter and are abused. 90% of dogs bought in pet stores are from puppy mills. I bought my dog from a pet store and found out that he was from a puppy mill. Pet stores often say they get their dogs from private breeders but no responsible breeder would sell their puppies to a pet store. STOP BUYING FROM PETSTORES and make sure you get a dog from a shelter or a responsible breeder.

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Jess thank you very much for your input. Unfortunately there are just as many Purebred dogs from Puppy Mills as 'Designer Dogs'. We here at realize this is becoming an overwhelming situation and are trying to do our part by getting information out about these Mixed Breed Dogs, supporting [url=][/url] and helping to get the information out about [url=/StopPuppyMills.aspx]Puppy Mills[/url].

i agree. some stores tell the truth though. it is just a matter of finding who does or not
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99% of dogs from puppymills are purebred!

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