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Before you buy from a breeder online

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Many people who post their puppies online. Many of these people are backyard breeders. They are just people looking to make a quick buck and are willing to do it any cost to the dog. These people usually operate in their own neighborhoods and are unsuspecting to others. These online ads claim that the puppies are loved and well bred but do you really know anything about that? On these sites they never show pictures of the breeding facilities or pictures of the mom and dad. They are the ones being tortured most, being forced to breed over and over. What reputable breeder would sell their puppy online or to someone they had never met? Just look at the plain fact, they are selling the dog ONLINE, wouldn't a responsible breeder want to meet the person that they are selling the dog to, to ensure that it is raised in a good home? Who would send a puppy that they claimed they loved to some stranger if they really cared about it? I personally would never buy a dog online because there are so many horror stories. Don't be fooled by fancy websites that these people offer or their pictures. If you are truly interested in getting a dog, go do the research, visit where they are from, and get to know who raised them. Don't trust an ad. This was from [url][/url] How do you know if it's a reputable breeder or a pet mill??? Here are a few alarm bells: Are they unconcerned about the home environment you are offering the pet? Do they sell X-bred animals at inflated prices? Do they refuse to let you see their kennels or members of the breeding group? Do they refuse you contact with others they've placed a pet with? Are they unfamiliar with a specific animal's personality? Do they have numerous "fashionable" breeds and constant supply of litters? Do they fail to produce a current certificate of vaccination? de-worming? Do they refuse you "after-sale" support? Do they sell to pet stores, use brokers or auctions?

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Jess thanks for the info. I agree selling/buying a puppy online can be a bad thing to do. Make sure to join our quest to help puppies find homes and [url=/StopPuppyMills.aspx]Help Stop Puppy Mills[/url].

I see where your going with this and thats a good point but some arent bad. i looked at my dog online and we called the people we met and they were backyard breeders but only breeded them twice per mom and they showed us their parents and grandparents which looked very healthy and well kept.
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yea but most backyard breeders dont put in the money that you are supposed to. i know a ton of breeders that put in thousands of dollars in the breeding process and care of the bitch that they end up paying off that litter 2 years later. there is a lot more that goes into breeding besides just mating and then selling the pups. most backyard breeders dont do anything they are supposed to when it comes to breeding. if you were to read vet books on the topi of breeding you would be shocked at how much actually goes into it.
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I would NEVER purchase a dog from an on-line breeder. Whilst I don't assume they are ALL backyard breeders because I don't think they are in this day and age, I just would prefer to go on personal references from others I trust.

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