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I am having the hardest time...

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I have a 11 month old Chiweenie and a 3 month old chiuahua mix. I live in apartments and they complain about poop outside and the grass dying so I tried to train my pups to go on the patio (never use it) and then clean it with hot water and soap. My dog sophie loves going outside but is afraid of the patio and the little pup Luna is hard to keep up with and catch her in the act to correct her (she is very sneeky) I have been trying to use puppy pads and even got some spray that is supose to make them want to go in the place you spray it but they dont seem to get the concept... any suggestions on what I can do.?

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Training puppies to eliminate were you want them to go is not an easy task and for some puppies it can take long than for other puppies.  If you check out the training discussion there is a post about litter training just like you would a cat. I have a very high energy dog so we need to take her on daily long walks at least a couple of time a day. When our dog was a puppy when we took her for walks every time she went we would say go pee or go pooh and give her a reward. Now when we take her out we ask her to go and she will on request. Female dog urine has a tendency to burn the grass top not the roots so the grass will come back. What we do in our yard is just pour water on top of were she goes and then it does not burn the grass.
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you need to take your puppy out EVERY HOUR and do not let the dog back inside until it has done its buisness and praise the dog when it does my dog is 7 months old and i take him out every 2 hours to go pee even if he just does a tiny tinkle. you can also buy grass patches from the pet store that are great for patios if they like to poop on grass. they you can just hose it down or wash it off :D you need to be consistant, they arent going to train themselves. do this every hour until they are 6 months old and then change it up to ever 2-3 hours until they are a year old and can hold it for longer periods. kennel training also works fantasticly.
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Chelsie how is the training going? Would love to have an update.
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When I started training my Schnairdale, I put her on a leash and took her to the side of the yard where I wanted her to go. I did not want to have to scope out the whole yard to clean up after her. I gave her a phrase, "go by the fence" every time I took her there, and kept repeating it. When she went, I praised her, then took her off the leash. After she was continually successful for about 3 days, I went out with her but without the leash, using the phrase. After about 5-7 days, I could open the door, tell her to "go by the fence" and she did, then she checks out the rest of the backyard. Even when she's just hanging out in the yard, she will go in her area without prompting. After 4 years, she rarely goes anywhere else.  Hope this helps!
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Scooter80917 nice! You sure were lucky to get your dog trained so quickly. I know some people struggle because some dogs just are not easy to train that quickly.
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Hi my jack chi is 7 month old and im finding it so hard to train her. She will do her business anywhere exept outside. When she does do it outside i always praise her and show her attention but she still prefers to do it in the house where i will ignore her. I dont want this to keep going on as i do have two small kids. HELP PLEASE

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