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Begging for people food

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My 13 week old Chorkie loves to beg for human food.  Anytime he smells food ( and thats almost always) he just sniffs and tries to reach it...the whole nine yards... his most recent thing is roaming the kitchen looking for perhaps a morsle or two on the floor. When all fails he goes back to the dog food, which is good quality food for puppies. I dont want him to beg, so any help offered will be appreciated.

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crate him while you eat your dinner or whatever meal. dont allow him to beg. maybe give him a few carrots or good veggies for him to chew on while waiting for you guys to finish up your meals.
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Yes crating is a good idea if your dog is crate trained or if you have a dog bed in another room you can send him to the bed and give him a special treat. Anytime he comes back in the room you are eating in gently send him back to where every you have designated he needs to go while you are eating. Being consistent is the only way he will learn. If you slip up once and give him food from the table he will start begging again.  We do not feed your dog any human food and we never feed when it is our time to eat. Our dog has a regular feeding schedule so she knows when it time for her to eat. The treats we give her are safe fresh fruits and vegetables. Learning a new skill takes time so relax, be consistent and your Chorkie will learn.

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