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I am having trouble with my Bulloxer Chloe jumping up on people. She is now almost 70 lbs. It almost knocks people over when they come to our house and she jumps up. She has given my 7 year old a black eye from jumping up. I don't know how to get her to stop. Other people with boxers tell that is their nature, but it isn't ok with me for her to act like that. She is a large dog and could hurt someone. I have tried putting her in her crate for this but I don't think she understands what "no jump" means. I have tried giving her treats for not jumping but as soon as she finishes the treat she starts jumping all over everyone. Does anyone know how to take care of this behavior? I would be soon grateful for any advice.

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We also have trouble with our bigger dog jumping. The advice I have gotten is to ignore them when they jump. If she jumps up on you or someone else cross your arms and turn your back to her. If you try pushing her down she will think you are playing and continue jumping. It is starting to work for us. We turn our back when he jumps and he has begun sitting after that and that is when we pet him. He has learned that he doesn't get petting and affection until he sits. Hope that helps!

I have had jumping issues too. Turning your back on a jumping dog is the advice I recieved as well and it helped but didn't stop the behavior completely in our case. The cure for us involved co-operation from the whole family an some patients. I would have someone enter the house while our dog was at my side (She considers me the alpha in our family). When the jumping started I would say "Roxy No" and gently but firmly hold the loose fur around her neck and draw her head to the floor (she will lay down) slowly and repeat "no jumping". No need to be rough or loud, just get her attention and keep it for a few seconds. After a cople of tries she knew what I was trying to "say" and started to obey. At first it would only work when I was there, so we did it with other family members in control of her so she understood that it was never acceptable. She is now 10 months old and when someone comes in she will actually sit and look back at us with the biggest dog smile as if to say "I am such a good girl". Making her submit (head to the ground) was described to me as dog language, and should not be done out of frustration or anger. Dogs have a strong desire to understand us but do not understand english (or any other language) until we learn to speak their language a bit. When I discipline with this method she gets up and licks my face...she is not scared of me at all. It works when other things fail. Good Luck[:D]
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Thank you for your advice! I will keep you posted on how it is going.
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I have tried all of those methods with my Spanador, but nothing really works. Sometimes she jumps on me with a guilty look on her face because she knows it's not acceptable, like she can't help it. But the real trouble comes when ANYONE is over at the house. She's starting to learn with my husband and me, but she figures everyone else is fair game. And i can't wait for her to realize that they aren't going to pet her (the folded arms method) when it's my toddler neice or my mother who's on chemo. All I can ever do is just put her outside in her yard. It's embarrassing! Any other methods?
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Yeah I have the same problem with my little diamond she jumps all over everything and everyone? I just don't know what to do either? But I love her so much to turn the other way...[:D]
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I, too, am interested in other ways to get our Schnairdale to not jump when someone comes in the door. She is only 26 pounds but I know it annoys some folks. My solution, too, is to put her in another room or outside but that does little to teach her. It is hard to have a conversation with someone when I'm constantly telling the dog 'down'.
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Does anyone have new suggestions for dogs jumping on houseguests? I commented a while back but am looking for new ideas. Even though our dog is only 26 pounds, I don't like her jumping unless she is invited to. She listens to my husband and I but gets way too excited for company.
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you can go on youtube and watch Vitctoria Stilwell videos of how to train jumping dogs or go to she has great videos and advice. you are supposed to ignore the dog when it jumps on you and keep turning your back away from the dog when it jumps and give it attention when it stops. my dogs know the word NO so when they start to do it i will bend over them (a threatening pose) and point my finger and say NO firmly. they will stop jumping at my feet after that has been done. jumping can be a real issue with larger dogs. but i do suggest looking at victoria stilwell she is amazing!
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Teaching your dog when she was a puppy to not jump is not an easy skill. We did use the command 'off' and then turned out backs. We also had to get our friends, family and others who came to our home to totally ignore our dog while in this training stage. I did not use the crate for training because I needed something portable so whenever we were out we still had a good training tool to stop the jumping. We never use the crate a discipline tool. After allot of consistency hard work and positive reinforcement our dog did learn not jump any more on anyone. Remember it take allot of practice and it will not happen overnight.

Train using a leash by pulling back sharply with the word "off!"  Also you can step on the leash or hold the dog down by the collar using the command. If your dog jumps on you put your knee to the chest and use the command. My obedience trainer grabbed my dogs front paws causing her to cry, but dogs paws are sensitive and she didn't do it very hard.

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