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Cat and new dog

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I was hoping someone could help me.. We just recently added Kota (labradane) to our family, because we didnt get him as a puppy (we think hes about 2) our cat is not liking the whole thing. All of our other dogs we got as puppies and she got to watch them all grow up and the transition was really smooth for her. Every time Kota does see the cat he barks and is curious about her. She just growls and hisses at him which only gets him more excited. I personally dont think his intentions are to hurt her as he is very gentle and is more curious as to what she is. Kota is a bit rambunctious so the cat hides in the closet and I haven't got to see her in over 2 months, she only comes out at night when Kota is in bed. Kota's intentions mean well its obvious he has not been around cats and just sees her as something new, cat just sees a HUGE dog bouncing all around her. How can I get us all to live in harmony with one another? [:(]

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Hi, we dont have any cats but we do have two small dogs and recently adopted a larger puppy. We went through a similar thing the puppy was bouncy with all of his puppy energy and the smaller two were a little afraid. It was easier with them all being dogs I am sure but we limited the time they were together buy putting the puppy in his crate and allowing them to reclaim 'their' house. It also helped the puppy as he wouldn't sleep when other things were going on (just like a kid he thought he might miss something). It also helped to take him for a walk or play outside with him to tire him out that way he wasn't so rambunctious when he tried to play with them. That might help. Maybe you could take him for a long walk so he is good and tired and then bring him in on the leash and put him and the cat in the same room. See if you can get him to be lie down and be calm so the cat can see that he isn't always so scary. It will take some time but hopefully the cat will come around. Hope it helps a little [:)]
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We have had this problem to. Sometimes they will never learn to get along but they can learn to tolerate eachother. The newness will wear off with time but if you are patient and give them plenty of time ( it took a year for my sisters cats to come around her new dog) They will get used to each other.
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[font=Comic Sans MS]So far still no change. The cat is still in closet only coming upstairs at night and when weather is nice she goes outside. She does have the whole downstairs to roam around dog free and I dont want to stress her out even more by giving him "free range" of the house so stairs is blocked off. Very discouraging.. I do miss my kitty.[:(][/font=Comic Sans MS]
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It sounds as if your kitty is punishing you to some extent. You may have to force the issue some by having the dog on a leash in a room where you can shut the door and then carry the cat into the room. Then let the cat down while the dog is restrained. The cat can roam around at will and see that the dog will not hurt it and the dog will learn that the cat is off limits. It may take a few times at this for them to adjust to each other. It is a extreeem measure but sometimes it is the only way.

We had a Lab/hound mix puppy at 8 weeks of age. We also have three cats. As the pup grew, it was very obvious that he just wanted to tree those cats so bad. It was his nature as a part hound. (think racoons, etc.) My cats became so worried over all of this that they stopped eating and began to lose their hair from the stress. He would chase them and tree them on the cupboards or anyplace else they could jump up. We finally gave the dog at 8 months to a couple without cats and he was a real gentleman and my cats were very happy for the peace and quiet and began to eat again and grew their hair back.
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we got a puppy back in December 2010. she's about 9 months old now. we also have a cat that's almost 13 that we've had since kittenhood. At first, after Harlie (the puppy) came home, Dribbles (the cat) was not at all amused. Harlie's nose was popped more than once. We would give Dribbles treats while Harlie was in the room, tell Harlie "no" when she tried to jump up to get close to Dribbles and just gave Dribbles plenty of attention.
Now, since your cat doesn't even want to come out, you may have to search out the cat and hold him, talk to him and make sure he knows he's still got your love and attention even with the "interloper" in the house.

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