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Discussions > General Topics > Q & A > Nuttering a male puppy

Nuttering a male puppy

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My wife keeps wanting to have our Morkie nuttered and I was wondering what age should he be if any? He is just now over three months old. Will this change his personallity? This is what concerns me most. We had a pure bread Min Pin and she was fixed before her first cycle, but she became very layed back. To much. I really don't want Oscar to become the same way? I've read several articals on female pups, but haven't found much on males. Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated.

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Typically dogs can be fixed around 5 to 6 months of age. We have three dogs, 2 males and a female, who have all been spayed or neutered. One of the males we adopted from a shelter and he was already neutered at 10 weeks of age. I can't tell you if he has had any personality change because I don't know anything about his personality before we adopted him but he is a wonderful dog. Very active and playful. He loved to play fetch, go for walks and runs, chase the other two in the yard, play with toys, chew, etc. The other two (one male and one female) were fixed at about 6 months of age. I did not notice any personality change in them (after they recovered and were off the pain meds). They are about 3.5 years old now and still run around the house at top notch speed chasing each other, barking, bowling, growling and just having a great time. The male LOVES to play fetch and even throws his own toys around the room sometimes. They say that spaying/neutering should not change the personality or activity level of a dog and I have no experience with that happening but I guess anything is possible. Check out the Myths and Fact about Spaying/Neutering at the United States Humane Society Website: Best of luck in your decision!
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Personally i'd never do it before the they are matured mentally and physically. Could be just a preference but unless it is causing problems I just don't see the point doing it so young. I have always waited until at least 2 years old and that's not just me, a friend who is a vet(and also a biochemist/phytochemist/naturopath) won't do hers before they mature either.
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I got my Papeagle puppy in March 2010. His name is Charlie. My vet told me the earliest age to do that would be with 16 weeks. I asked a few vet's and they almost all told me the same. No one ever told me to wait until maturity. Charlie had his surgery when he was 5 and a half months old. He just started to show interest in females (i guess it was more a part of his way playing but anyways). It's my first dog so i don't really have any experience. All my cats were fixed/spayed too before the first cycle and i would recommend it. The puppy recovered within 2 days. He is 7 month now and i don't see any changes in his behavior.
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I just want to clarify, I am aware that most vets agree with the current age standard for neutering I was simply pointing out that there are a few who disagree and they do have their reasons. Vets are just like doctors and they follow the norms until new evidences change the norms.

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