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We breed or Dachshund with a Miniture Pinsher and the puppys are due in May. She has had one other litter of Dachshunds before and we had no trouble. But because of the male being a bit bigger than the last dad she is having a problem. She was born with a malformated let bone. The bone from the hip to the next joint did not form all the way so she limps. Well with all the weight she is carring yesterday she hurt her leg jumping off the furniture I think and she would not move at all. I gave her a baby asprin and today she is walking again. What I am worried about is she still have over 30 days before puppys are due. Is therr something we need to do to make it easier on her??
Thank you

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You should take her into the vet and have her checked out to make sure both her an the puppies are okay. If she is hurt and having trouble walking she may have trouble delivering them also plus you want to make sure that whatever you give her does not negatively affect the babies. I would definitely take her in asap! Good Luck!
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dont self medicate a pregnant animal. She needs a thorough veterinary examination to ensure the pups will not be too big to give natural birth too. Can I ask why you decided to breed a dog with such a severe physical deformity?
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you should NOT be breeding a dog with hip problems. you can end up killing your dog. UGH! im sorry but irresponsible breeding makes me upset. Also the male shouldnt be bigger than the female, it causes the pups to be bigger and can kill your dog while giving birth. the male should be about the same size or smaller and the female should not have any problems. im sorry but shame on you for breeding this poor dog and making her suffer.
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I would be very nervous that my dog would pass this bone problem or even worse on to the puppies.  It is now almost a year later how are the puppies? Are you following their health like other breeders? My dog is now over 2 years old and my breeder is always checking in to see how things are going.

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