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I just can't get Rocky to stop biting me. I will use a different tone of voice "NO BITE or NO BITING" when he does. I know he's only a puppy (3 months old) We have plenty of chew toys/bones for him....but he rather chew on me. I will ignore his behavoir & remove myself from him so he knows I do not like him biting me. Then he barks at me. And to add to it...he is also chewing on my dresser we now limit more areas to where he can be. I feel like I am being a bad mom, but he needs rules. Other than that Rocky's leg that was injured is 100% better..he's running around like a mad puppy, jumping off the his little pet bed when playing (with his big floppy ears flying's just too cute!) He know knows simple comands like "Sit" & "Off" He will Fetch and return as well. When my husband is working with Rocky or playing with him, Rocky seems to listen better to him and I don't know why. Rocky will stop biting when told. And Rocky understands "do your business on the paper"...sometimes I think Rocky plays stupid with me....IDK Can a dog like a different people better than others?

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Glad to hear Rocky is doing better after his accident. As far as the biting goes just keep with it. Puppies do like to bite as that is how they play with their littermates. Just stay consistent and it should get better. Also, if you know someone else with a puppy that Rocky could have some play time with that may help. Puppies bite when playing with each other and teach each other what is called 'bite inhibition' which is where they learn who they can bite, how hard they can bite, etc. It may help.... As far as listening to your husband better than you. All of our dogs listen better to me than my husband. I believe it has something to do with the fact I work with and train them more. Dogs have a tendency to choose an 'Alpha' of their pack and listen to them. We are working on this by having my husband take them for walks alone and get involved with more of the training. I don't know if that helps or not but good luck!

I find it funny that they find the "Alpha" person to listen too. I'm the one who trains Rocky more, Daddy however just plays around with him more. So I'm the strict one...he's the fun one...

Schatzi is a 5-1/2 month old ShihPoo. I have scars to prove the biting. He has every toy you can think of. He bites hard. He can be so loving. He weighs 14 pounds. We will have him neutered when he gets to be 6 months old. He is losing his baby teeth, we were hoping that would help some. If he gets mad and doesn't get his way, he BITES. Has anyone else had this problem? Kathy

Yes...I guess it's just natural to them...Do you socialize him with other dogs? That may help. We just enrolled Rocky in puppy classes & is showing some improvement.

I have a very similar problem - my little Sophie is a 16 week old maltipoo and is so adorable, but she is such a teether and a tugger! She uses me as her chew toy - my pants legs and sleeves and fingers are under constant attack! She is kind of aggressive in her play, but she isn't being mean she is just playing. Still, her sharp puppy teeth are like needles and they hurt even if that's not her intention. So far I have tried yelling "ouch" and walking away from her, I've tried scolding her, I've tried ignoring the behavior - none of it helps. I have gently squeezed her muzzle and said "no bite!" but she isn't fazed at all by that, and goes right back to play-biting and tugging. I have so many holes in my pants legs and sleeves, and scratches on my hands. Interestingly she does not do this to my husband and she listens to him when he tells her "no!" I don't understand it...any suggestions are really appreciated!!

dogluvr, one solution to make them not bite you is to get a squirt bottle, fill it up with water and when they bite you just tell them no and if it continues squirt their head. i hope it helps!
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the squirt gun thing def helps. ive read if he bites u scold him then show him wut he can bite on and hopefully wit a lil time itll get better. midget bites and chews eeeeeeeeverything hes even been known to chew on curbs and cement. Ive even tryed putting tobasco sauce on things hes not supposed to chew but HE LIKES it, it must be the Chihuahua in him. Im just hopen this habit breaks soon.
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We have that same problem with our puppy Cody. He is a chiweenie. We have all kinds of chew toys but most of the time he rather use my hubby's shoes or my fingers as a teething ring. If anyone has suggestions please I will take it. Thanks.
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I am the new owner of a Shih Apso his name is Jax and he is only 4 months old. He rather chew on my purse or feet or pant legs but the hands are the most common one.Some times it is not just that teething chew it is some times a very hard bite, and some times it's like a vicious growl then a bite and some times I will be holding him and he will do it to the face.My vet said that it is not a vicious thing she thinks it is just playful but im not to sure I agree.Does anyone else have this problem or know what I could do to maybe stop this behavior? I tell him no and put him down right away and ignore him but then he sits there and barks or will try to jump up it seems he may not be getting the concept.
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What age did you get the pup at? Pups need to learn a concept called 'Bite inhibition' as in biting is a big no no. Most pups brought home before 8-9 weeks of age I have trained have not learned this concept at all.
I find the most effective way to deal with it is when your pup grabs your hand, slip your thumb under the tongue and gently apply enough pressure to make it uncomfortable. Your pups will in all probability throw a tantrum through frustration NOT through pain (remember how hard they bite you?) You say nothing while you do it. Offer your hand again if they do not bite quietly praise the dog and dont let play get too far.
As for growling while latched onto you, scruff them and give a loud growl then walk off. Pups learn faster when you treat them like another dog would, not a furry person. Remember always provide the alternative desired behaviour and reward heavily for good work, no matter how small or how often when they're puppies.

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